Benefits of clean, processed water

Water has an effect on everything it touches, and it touches everything in your home.  Clean, processed water from a United Distributors, Inc. system:

  • Saves scrubbing time while washing dishes.
  • Tastes and drinks tastes better.
  • Clothes are cleaner and feel softer.
  • Dishes are brighter and more spot free.
  • Windows and mirror shine.
  • Your bubble baths are more luxurious.
  • Less soap scum on tubs and showers.
  • Your hair will be softer and shinier.
  • Your hair will be more manageable.
  • You will use less coffee and tea.
  • Removes most carpet stains.
  • Saves on concentrated juices.
  • Hot water heaters last longer.
  • Your hot water bill will be lower.
  • Your faucets and shower heads will last longer.
  • Your icemaker will work better and last longer.
  • Your washing machine will last longer.
  • Your dishwasher will last longer.
  • Your humidifiers will last longer.
  • Skin feel softer and you will feel less itchy.
  • Saves on lotions and body oils.
  • Eliminates need for harsh detergents.
  • Saves on fabric softeners.
  • No lugging bottled water.
UDI Water

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