The HYDRO QUAD®SS takes the hardness out of all the water in your home. The HYDRO QUAD®SS is a one-time investment that provides a lifetime of benefits. With the HYDRO QUAD®SS you enjoy the luxury of processed, conditioned water for bathing, cleaning, and laundry.  You also enjoy the advantage of processed, conditioned water that is better for your appliances, plumbing, and fixtures. Processed,  conditioned water, provided by the Hydro Quad®SS, is wonderful for cleaning and to stop hard water scaling of plumbing and appliances throughout your home.  With processed water your baths are more luxurious, your dishes shine, your laundry is softer, and not to mention the potential savings of time and money.  If you would like more information, or would like to inquire about our other products and services, please complete our brief inquiry form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Why the Hydro Quad®SS is different

  • Stainless Steel valve instead of plastic.  By using the highest quality components, UDI can offer you a lifetime of processed water.
  • 4 function media bed - The Hydro Quad®SS processes your water in 4 separate ways to give you the highest quality processed water - not just soft water.
    1.  Refiner:  High-capacity activated carbon for chlorine removal.
    2.  Softener: High-purity premium grade, solvent free, ION exchange resin.
    3.  Clarifier: Provides tighter filtration and additional softening capacity.
    4.  Filter: Quartz filter bottom bed for even distribution of water.
  • 4 part tank construction - Blow-molded plastic, fortified by miles of fiberglass, covered with an insulation liner, all encased in stainless steel!  Not your typical softener!
  • Commercial size and capacity - The Hydro Quad®SS is designed to take care of your water problems today and tomorrow.  It is large enough to handle problem water and it has two to three times the capacity of a typical residential softener.
  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee - The best guarantee in the industry backed by water treatment specialists with over a quarter-century proven track record.

UDI Water

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