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UDI was very professional and friendly from the very beginning and great service. Highly recommend them and will use them again if I move.

David P.
July 12, 2022 Midway, GA

I have nothing but great things to say about my systems! The difference in my water was instantaneous. My experience from initial contact to installation follow-up has been stellar. Everyone was friendly, communicative, and helpful. I appreciated the follow-up because there were some maintenance instructions that I had forgotten. I'm able to easily get in contact with someone if I do have questions. Customer service and reliability of products are top of the line. I will definitely be referring others to get systems in their homes, as I live in a coastal area and our city water is awful.

Crystal A.
July 9, 2022 Hinesville, GA

We got our water softener system from UDI on the 21st of June of 2022. The system has been life changing since it's installment. The difference between the original water and the treated water is night and day. From showers, washing clothes and even drinking water it is a world of difference. Everything was explained to me in detail and it is very simple to understand. UDI has gone above and beyond with showing me how the water softener system works and understanding of the difference between the two types of water. I highly recommend this company to anyone needing a water softener/treatment done to their home. It will pay off in the long run.

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Richard F.
June 26, 2022 Ludowici, GA

It's been just over 6 months since I've had the filtration system installed and it has really made a difference. When I got to Jax, my eczema (which I hadn't really had issues with since I was a child) came back with a vengeance. But just a few days after the filtration system was installed, my skin had cleared up. It's really nice having my own little extra filtered water spout for my drinking water because I drink like a fish. Honestly, I wouldn't mind drinking from the regular filtered tap. The demonstration was very informative and the follow up testing was reassuring. Lastly, the products that were offered with the immediate install are really nice.

Raye R.
Jacksonville, FL June 23, 2022

I was extremely skeptical about this service at first but now I have nothing but good things to say! From the very first meeting, the customer service aspect has been nothing but kind and informative during every part of the process. Not having to buy bottled water, the overall clean feeling after a shower, and having a shine on my glass dishes/cups that I have not seen since they were purchased are some of the best benefits. I also appreciate how efficient the install was and how maintenance was explained thoroughly. I highly recommend!

B. Johnson
Richmond Hills, GA June 20, 2022

After 30 years this water softener is still running great. Awesome customer service.

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Jacksonville, FL June 14, 2022

The service was and is awesome. Very nice and friendly people. We love the product itself overall.

K. Burford
Grovetown, GA June 17 2022

Since getting our system my skin is no longer so dry that it cracks and bleeds. Also enjoying not tasting chemicals in my coffee and tea.

Cyndi P.
Augusta, GA June 17, 2022

UDI was very professional and the water system is awesome!!!

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L. Jones
LaGrange, GA June 15, 2022

Professional service from the time of first contact to having a rep inspect the equipment, post installation. Will always recommend to anyone who moves to a new home and wants the cleanest water possible.

Samuel D.
Grovetown, GA June 14 2022

No more nasty water...can't believe the difference!!! And service follow-ups are great!!!

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Michael S.
Savannah, GA June 10, 2022

Our community well water has been bad for years. We absolutely love our new system. My daughter and I both have long hair and the water is helping us have better manageable hair. My husband has had a lung transplant and is on anti rejection meds and the peace of mind with this new system is worth it! All of the employees that we encountered knew about everything in the well. There was no pressure to buy their system. We compared a few systems and the warranty for this system is so much better for the price. We are so excited to have good drinking water and love it!

Renee R.
Statesboro, GA June 3, 2022

We were on the fence about whether or not we needed a water softener and how it would benefit our lives. After meeting with Manny (UDI technician) and listening to and seeing his presentation, there was no doubt in our minds that we needed to purchase this system! For me, cleaning and dealing with calcium deposits on my stainless steel sink and trying to keep the shower tile clean and dry so mold would not appear was driving me crazy! Now, these issues on these surfaces are a distant memory. We no longer need to have water for drinking delivered since the filtered water tastes so much better. Our skin feels much softer and cleaner. We got all the cleaning products too and they work wonderfully and I won't have to buy anything for cleaning for 5 years! I think this could very well be in the top 10 of great decisions we've ever made. We are very happy with UDI and find them to be very reputable.

Sheryl L.
St Augustine, FL June 2, 2022

My experience with UDI has been a great one. The customer service office handled my call and dispatched a service tech within the week. The tech that came out was very knowledgeable and explained everything that was happening with my system so that I understood it. The tech fixed my system to my complete satisfaction. I will not use any other water company for my water system needs.

Jacksonville, FL June 2022

Very knowledgeable and professional people. Took care of a minor problem immediately after installation was done. Absolutely great system and business. Value is tremendous.

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Columbus, GA May 18, 2022

Starting from the salesman that conducted the water test and demonstrated the various water samples the customer service was great! The guys that installed my UDI water system explained everything in detail step-by-step what he was doing. I even had a follow-up visit to see how everything was going. I've only had this water system for about a month and I must say I am so satisfied with my purchase. My brother has eczema very bad and I noticed that his skin is not dry anymore and he scratches much less than what he did before the system. Everyone compliments me now on my glowing skin and I do not have to use so much lotion or serums for my face anymore. If you are thinking about getting a water system, go with UDI!

A. Knight
Green Cove Springs, FL May 18, 2022

We are very pleased with our experience with UDI. Everyone we have interacted with at the company have been excellent. They are kind, professional, and willing to answer all our questions. Since having our UDI system not only do we have peace of mind about our drinking water but we have noticed a difference in our skin. We both tend to have drier skin and since we have the filter in place we have noticed an improvement! We also feel like our hair is cleaner and requires less shampoo and conditioner. We are very satisfied with our decision to get a UDI system.

S. Simpson
Guyton, GA May 12, 2022

Great, I love it. I will tell everyone about this.

Diane C.
Columbus, GA May 10, 2022

I'm very particular about the water that I drink and this water is very good now with the softener and filters added. I'm saving money not having to buy bottled water any longer.

M. Daniels
Jacksonville, FL May 10, 2022

The UDI water filter/softener system is awesome. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They answered any question I had. The product is easy to manage with the provided instructions and informational training. Not only do I get better quality water for me and my dog but it helps a lot with cleaning and helping things last longer such as appliances, plumbing, etc. My skin feels better and is starting to look better too. It was shocking finding out how much damage hard unfiltered water does to everything. I would definitely recommend to other home owners.

A. Richardson
Pooler, GA May 23, 2022

I highly recommend this product and company. The individuals I interacted with were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Within the first few hours I immediately noticed the differences. The water tastes so much better and the shower felt like I was taking a shower for the first time. Just using regular soap, my skin felt like I had used a body wash or put a bunch of lotion on. This is a great product.

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Jason S.
Guyton, GA May 2022

Great decision with this company. Been a customer for 4 years and very satisfied with the service.

Mr. Dunn
Jacksonville, FL May 2022

We just purchased our first home in May of last year. When UDI gave us the card for a free water test we figured we would see what it was about. The tech they sent out was fantastic when he explained our results. My 10 year old daughter who loves science was captivated. We apparently had very hard water and enough chlorine in our water to fill a pool without adding more. Our daughter refused to brush her teeth or drink any water unless it was bottled until we got the system. Luckily they came the next day and did the installation. The plumbers were great and very professional. I was super excited about the savings for cleaning supplies and water bottle costs. The system is working great, the water tastes fantastic and we have never felt better after taking showers. I can tell a huge difference in our clothes from doing laundry too and my dishes look clean and I don't have the build up on my dark granite counter tops anymore either. Great company and they are very fast about answering back when I've had questions or concerns.

Tiffany C.
Rincon, GA April 5, 2022

I love my water softener. My clothes are cleaner, I don't have to clean my toilets as frequently, my hair is softer and my dishes don't have white spots all over them. Everyone who came to my house from testing the water, install and recheck the water were very friendly and helpful.

Christina M.
Pembroke, GA April 21, 2022

I am very impressed with the service after I have purchased my water filtration system. They came out and showed me everything I needed to know and went back over it again all the things I need to know about the system. The installer was great even had a loose bolt underneath the sink for my pull out sprayer and he tightened that. They came out the next day and installed it.

Theresa B.
Augusta, GA April 21, 2022

The taste of the water, the smell, and everything is better. You never know what you don't have until you get it. This system is amazing! Almost everyone in my family has dry skin and this system changes EVERYTHING for us. I highly recommend getting this for you or your family. Don't think twice about it, just purchase it.

Ron M.
Grovetown, GA April 2022

Very happy with our UDI system and would highly recommend. The install was quick and easy and we are so happy with the overall quality of the water, less hard water stains around faucets, cleaner dishes from dishwasher, and exceptional drinking water! My skin and hair also feel so much better! The cleaning supplies that came with the system are great as well!

Katy R.
Jacksonville, FL April 2022

Great quality and staff! The demonstration will blow your mind. Give it a try. You won't regret it! I love my system!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal L.
Brooklet, GA April 2022

The customer service and products alone are awesome! Can definitely taste a difference in my water quality since installing the system and my skin feels way better than before. I would recommend to anyone wanting to improve their residential water system. A huge shout out to the UDI team for changing the way I consider what great water is!

C. Williams
Jacksonville, FL April 2022

Have used United Hydro (UDI service) for YEARS and could literally not be happier with the service and the product. Most recently Charles came out and he always is so attentive and takes amazing care of our water softener making sure it's always running like it's brand new!

Amanda A.
Savannah, GA April 2022

I am completely satisfied with the UDI filtration system. There are too many benefits from having this, from my indoor plants flourishing, skin seems to be much softer from showering with the filtered water, to being able to surface clean practically everything. Those are among my favorite benefits from the filtration system.

Alfredo S.
Martinez, GA April 2022

I am very pleased with my water system. I also got the drinking water unit under my sink with its own water faucet. I use the special drinking water system to make my tea and coffee. Everyone who works for the company is very courteous and kind. They have called several times to check and see how my system is working. I know I can depend on them if I should have a question.

Jeanie S.
St. Augustine, FL April 2022

I've had my system since we've owned our house, 16+ years. United Hydro (service side of UDI) comes out and services it every year and will cheerfully fix any problem we may have for a fair price. Highly recommend United Hydro and their water systems.

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Paul W.
Valdosta, GA April 2022

Everyone with UDI was courteous and professional during the entire process. The water test and demonstration by Mr. Johnson was very informative and free from pressure. He even stopped by after the installation and brought us 3 bags of salt pellets. That's what I call excellent customer service! Houston, the installer went out of his way to place the unit in my desired location. Ms. Fullwood's follow-up was excellent and thorough. The difference after the installation has been remarkable. We can actually drink water from the tap! Also, my skin is no longer dry and itchy. I highly recommend UDI.

Karen H.
Savannah, GA March 9, 2022

The professionalism from the team was outstanding and I enjoyed their knowledge. It helped me stay at ease....I am truly happy I was able to put this in my home.

R. Douglas
Columbus, GA March 17, 2022

The friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff made choosing UDI very easy. The installation was much easier than we expected. We are pleased with the benefits we are already experiencing.

Suzanne B.
St. Augustine, FL March 9, 2022

Michael (UDI technician) came to perform our water test and did an excellent job demonstrating. By the end of his presentation we were asking him how can we sign up! We've noticed a HUGE difference in our water since having the system installed. My skin has become much cleaner and drinking water is 10x better! The household products are AMAZING and smell incredible! The oatmeal soap is hands down the best soap I've every used. This was a great investment for our family and we will recommend to any and everyone we know!

Whitney C.
Savannah, GA March 2022

My family and I want to give a very big thanks to Clifford (UDI technician) and the team at UDI! Cliff was so knowledgeable and nice. We recently moved to FL from CT and we noticed the difference in water right away. We began to buy bottled water and using it for everything (drinking, cooking, our animals drinking water, etc.). I am so happy we agreed to a water test! Ever since our system was installed (quickly and professionally by Tim & Tim) everything changed in how we use water in our household. No more filters for the fridge, our skin feels so much softer and way less irritation (this is big for me because of eczema and sensitive skin issues in our home), drinking and cooking is so much easier. Not only does the water provide all these awesome benefits but it also tastes very good! Thank you CLiff/UDI for the wonderful products you also sent over! I just love the oatmeal bar soap and facial bar. I have not tried all of the goodies you sent, but I am sure they are just as good! I highly recommend this company and their awesome water filtration system (made very well by the way).

P. Sullivan
Fernandina Beach, FL March 2022

My UDI experience was outstanding and my family absolutely loves the drinking water and the ability to not use bottle water plus the feeling of our skin after using the shower is night and day. We also love using less cleaning products around the house and with the cost of living going up anything we can cut out or use less of helps greatly. And the customer service was one of the best group of people I've had the pleasure of meeting. They showed me all the benefits of water treatment and the actual science behind the UDI products and a step-by-step setup of the product and the maintenance. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for high quality home water systems.

Paul H.
Augusta, GA February 2022

I never realized how many issues were caused by hard water!! I was spending so much money on products that were working to counter the negative effects of hard water (fabric softener, hair conditioner, "moisture" shampoos, countless hair masks, lotions, "heavy duty" dish soap and cleaners). Cliff (UDI technician) was SO helpful and informative. He listened to all of our concerns and broke it down so we could clearly see the benefits of having soft water. We were able to get our system installed the next day. After one shower my skin was noticeably smoother and I only shampooed my hair with the plant-based shampoo from UDI! No conditioner! My hair feels soft and shiny. None of our dishes have water spots, our stainless steel sink is finally shiny and our clothes came out super soft without a dryer sheet or softener. 10/10. Worth the investment!

Jacksonville, FL February 2022

We have only had our unit for a month & we love it so far! We've noticed a big difference in the taste of our water, less hard water stains (mainly toilets & showers), and softer feeling skin. Everyone we dealt with was very pleasant & informative, going above & beyond our expectations. Would recommend!

Pooler, GA February 2022

My family and I want to give a very big thanks to Clifford (UDI water technician) and the team at UDI! Cliff was so knowledgeable and nice. We recently moved to FL from CT and we noticed the difference in water right away. We began to buy bottled water and using it for everything (drinking, cooking, our animals drinking water, etc.). I am so happy we agreed to a water test! Ever since our system was installed (quickly and professionally by Tim & Tim) everything changed in how we use water in our household. No more filters for the fridge, our skin feels so much softer and way less irritation (this is big for me because of eczema and sensitive skin issues in our home), drinking and cooking is so much easier. Not only does the water provide all these awesome benefits but it also tastes very good! Thank you Cliff/UDI for the wonderful products you also sent over! I just love the oatmeal bar soap and facial bar. I have not tried all of the goodies you sent, but I am sure they are just as good! I highly recommend this company and their awesome water filtration system (made very well by the way).

Ms. Sullivan
Fernandina Beach, FL March 7, 2022

I wanted to give you my review based on having the UDI water system in my house. First, I would like to start with all the employees that made my experience great. Sam was the rep that did the presentation which sold me. He was professional, thorough, kept me intrigued in the information and he even made me laugh. Then there was Steve who set-up the system. He was fast, efficient and made sure that before he left I understood everything about my system. After Steve, Aaron cam two weeks after to make sure everything was going well. He answered any questions I had and walked me through one more time to make sure all was well.

Now for the product. It's been the best decision I've made. My skin feels great, my clothes after washing are nice, fluffy, and bright. Also my dog can't stop drinking the water. I've never seen him drink so much. He also has skin allergies and I have to say the water has also helped with his skin. I wish UDI were in other states because I would definitely tell all my friends and family about this. When I spoke with Barbara and Susan about referrals they were helpful and were able to set my friend up with someone to come speak with her. Afterwards whenever it came to other questions I had I was able to reach out to Susan who was open and eager to help. It's nice to have a company that values their clients and have great customer service skills.

Hampton, GA March 5, 2022

Just had my annual service completed and would like to tell you how much I appreciate my service tech, Charles. He is very knowledgeable about my system. I had presented a problem that I was having and he quickly responded with a solution. I am very satisfied with Charles, the system and the company. Thank you for being a well needed solution. No more skin problems, dental problems or digestive problems after the system was installed.

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Guyton, GA March 4, 2022

We purchased our system 5-weeks ago and we love it. Our experience has been WONDERFUL! Our sales rep...Rudy was great and so knowledgeable, made us very comfortable with the process. And everything went exactly as promised!!

Brian J.
Jacksonville, FL March 3, 2022

UDI not only has a good product, they also have great staff. Michael (UDI water technician) came to our home and gave a demonstration and eloquently informed us of the scientific aspect of the water test and explained different types of filtrations used. It is interesting to see the quality of the city water versus the filtered water UDI's system provides. They offer very affordable options which is great. Then they topped it off with a supply of soaps and detergents that will last us a long time. Fantastic product and I would suggest setting up a free water test. It is very interesting to see.

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Robert R.
Springfield, GA February 25, 2022

We had great, friendly service from the customer service rep, to the installer and the customer care specialist. They thoroughly explained the products, step by step changing of the filters, etc! Overall, fabulous rating!

Rincon, GA February 22, 2022

Company is great and they stand by their products. Invest in their system and save yourself trouble down the line with hard water.

Yulee, FL February 18, 2022

WHAT WE NEEDED: We very recently moved to St. Johns County and soon realized something had to be done with our municipal water supply to alleviate (1) the mineral stains on glass shower sliders, sinks, toilets and on dishes, glasses, flatware and other items that cycled through the dishwasher, (2) the excessive use of soaps and shampoos for showers/baths and even dish soap when we did not use the dishwasher, and (3) the rather strong chlorine odor from the tap. FIND A FIX: We did not have to wait too long before door-to-door reps for three different water treatment companies arrived. After a short introduction by each we agreed to have our water tested in their labs. For each company, this was followed by a home visit by a tech/sales rep from each company. During each visit, in our presence, the tech drew a water sample and performed analogous tests to confirm the results from the lab. OUR CHOICE: Fortunately for us, UDI was the last door-to-door rep to arrive at our home and within less than 30 seconds it became very apparent that Shannon was very polite and, importantly, articulate and knowledgeable about what she presented. About 36 hours later, Cliff, an equally intelligent and well-spoken tech arrived and explained the entire process of the UDI system, its installation, operation and (very minimal) maintenance. By noon the next day the UDI system was installed and operational in our home. That was followed a week later by a visit from Elena who was there to ensure that (a) all was working properly (and even walked me through the UDI process while she was doing so, from the water supply line to the faucet), (b) any and all outstanding questions were answered (she handled them expertly), and (c) that all of our needs were met. The bottom line - not only did the UDI system rid us of all the water issues we faced, at every step of the way it was a sincere pleasure working with the UDI representatives.

St. Augustine, FL February 16, 2022

I had a very good experience with UDI. I got my system installed during the holidays and it was still installed very quickly. 100% would recommend this company. When they first came to check my water I had no intention of buying the system. After seeing the hardness of my water I instantly decided to buy it. I'm very happy with it. Everything was made super easy and stress free.

Allenhurst, GA February 2, 2022

MJ (UDI water technician) was very knowledgeable and looked like he really enjoyed doing the water presentation. Each person we came in contact with throughout the process were both friendly and professional. I absolutely see a major difference in my skin. My hair is so shiny!

Richmond Hill, GA January 27, 2022

Dear UDI,

On behalf of me and my husband, I want to say thank you for this amazing life changing opportunity.  Me personally I am so into being healthy and making sure my skin is healthy and looks good.  My husband is very skeptical and didn't believe it would work or that we would see a change in our water.  He gets a glass and looks at the water all the time now, LOL.  We see such a big difference now! !!  Our shower doesn't get dirt from the water as fast, my husband had a dry spot on his face and the soap and water has done wonders for him (he was very surprised).  Another thing I love is how soft our skin feels after a wash now, it's so amazing!!  We can tell a huge difference from when we shower anywhere else.  It kinda makes me not want to travel knowing about the water.  Also, the products made getting this a very easy decision for us and they 100% work.  My husband loves the soap, he kept on asking for me to make sure I found out where we can buy more soap when it runs out.  I'm honestly so happy with the decision I made to get this.

"G" Family

The “G” Family
Ludowici, GA January 17, 2022

So far everything has been amazing. The customer service has been amazing if we come up with any extra questions. We all have very sensitive skin and the water system has been great to help with that. Also, our toilets are no longer a nasty yellow color from our local water. So worth it!

Stephen W.
Flemington, GA January 17, 2022

Everyone from the company was polite, patient, and professional. The sales rep, Don, knew everything and never once had to look in a book for an answer. Kenny the installer was quick and explained everything he was doing. And Lauren, the relations rep, was very sweet and made sure I was comfortable with everything before she left.

R. King
Hahira, GA January 12, 2022

I did all of my research on different water systems and filtration options. What I love about the UDI system is it filters your water as you need it. It doesn't waste water for flushing out the system, causing outrageous water bills. The filters last a long time and aren't crazy expensive like some of the other systems I researched. I'm really excited about the lifetime guarantee!

Wayne (UDI water technician) & team made it a great decision. My water tastes and feels fabulous. My hands have healed. My silverware is no longer tarnishing in the dishwasher.

Thanks, UDI !!!

Brunswick, GA January 4, 2022

UDI made the buying and installation process an enjoyment. These guys have changed our entire view on how water is supposed to be in your home. We lived in a new house with hard water and did not realize what we were missing out on. This company truly is making a difference in the water softener industry and truly cares about the customers.

Grant W.
Jacksonville, FL January 4, 2022

Recently moved into our home and decided to go with UDI based off of recommendations in our neighborhood. The install of the system was quick and painless and they even schedule a follow-up visit to make sure it's installed properly. During the visit they also run through any information on your system you might have questions on. They also test your water again to make sure that you are getting the proper filtration. We've noticed a huge difference in our drinking water (we bought the reverse osmosis system). It honestly is better than any bottled water we've had and now we take water bottles everywhere we go. Even noticed a huge difference when showering with how easy the soap comes off now. Family was having some really dry skin before switching, but now that's starting to clear up. We would definitely recommend UDI to anyone.

Brandon H.
Richmond Hill, GA January 3, 2022

Amazing filters. The best investment I have done for my home so far. The difference after a shower is unbelievable. You'll think that you actually never showered until you do it with your soft water from the UDI filter. And my 8 month old baby? I never thought baby's skin could get even softer. And on top of the benefits, you also get the Pure & Gentle soaps and detergents. So much of them that you don't even know what to do with it. I would've put a 10 star but 5 is the max....Definitely work it!

Midway, GA December 31, 2021

We were blown away just from the demo! We had no idea that our water was so dirty. Thanks to UDI, we have the absolute best water now. Our skin and hair are thanking us for making this wonderful investment. We've been bragging to our family and friends about how amazing this water system is....super low maintenance. If you're on the fence about this, stop thinking about it and just go for it. You will not regret it!

The Simmons

Simmons Family
Ludaowici, GA December 31, 2021

The UDI team was great! Each member took their time explaining every little thing. They all had great attitudes and it felt like they loved what they did!

Daniel S.
Grovetown, GA. December 4, 2021

My experience with UDI exceeded my expectations. They were the utmost professional and a pleasure to work with. I feel that they are a company I can trust and I am very satisfied with my RO system thus far. My water is softer, cleaner and no longer has any odors.

Kyle P.
Martinez, GA December 2, 2021

The experience with UDI has been great from start to finish! The initial contact that was made did not feel invasive and the two women were very polite! When a scheduling issue came up for the in-home demonstration, they were polite and forthcoming as to why it needed to be rescheduled. We are happy we did because AJ (UDI technician) was a true STAR! Obviously we would have no way of knowing or comparing him to whoever we were supposed to get but we are glad that we got him. He knew his information, extremely relatable and did not try to force the product on us. His demonstration and poise is what sealed the deal for us. Our installer was amazing as well. He inadvertently had to dig more than he thought in which the digging interfered with some of our landscaping. He happily replaced the red mulch for us and gave us our tutorial. Our follow person was just as amazing as everyone else. She too was very knowledgeable and made sure our system was efficiently operating. She also gave us another walkthrough as to how to care for our system! All in all, my wife and I love our products, love our water, and loved our experience! Thanks again!

Mr. & Mrs. W.
Harlem, GA November 20, 2021

My husband and I did not know what to expect with our water consultation but were blown away! Who knew how important clean water can be to your life. The consultation was eye opening to see what a difference clean water can make, and our representative was a blast! Ryan (UDI technician) was professional and knowledgeable, showing us truths behind what makes up our water. He showed us the impact water can have on our clothes, dishes, skin and food, and also our wallet. At no point did we feel pressured or pushed to buy the filtration system, which is a relief when letting someone come into your home. You can tell this is a company that believes in the impact that their water filtration system can have on their customers through their representative and partnership with the clean soap company. The partnership with the soap company is icing on the cake. Why go through all the trouble of having cleaner water and still use harsh chemicals?! The soap is such a great add on that only proves how much UDI Water cares about their customers Health and well-being. Installation was a breeze as they came and installed everything within a few short hours with no issues. We are thrilled with our new water system and highly recommend working with UDI Water. Hands down fantastic!

St. Augustine, FL November 18, 2021

Amazing customer service. Don (UDI technician), Kenny (UDI installer) and Lauren (UDI PR) were all professional and made the process nice and easy. They each thoroughly explained the system and how it worked, answering all our questions along the way. They made sure we completely understood everything they were explaining so there was no confusion. We feel confident in our decision to purchase the water system and so far have enjoyed it. I would hands down recommend them to anyone looking for a water softening system.

Leesburg, GA November 17, 2021

Dear UDI Managers,

On November 4th, 2021, Brett (UDI service tech) performed highly capable, courteous, and proactive technical services on our home water purification system. He explained the services clearly, answered all our questions, and was very neat in the execution of his duties. In the Hospitality Industry, this would rate as a five-star performance. Thank you for sending us such an especially competent and well mannered technician.

Mr. & Mrs. Hill

Mr. & Mrs. Hill
Fitzgerald, GA November 15, 2021

Gentlemen / Ladies:

On the 13th of October, I had a Hydro Quad SS water processor installed at my recently purchased home. Prior to the installation, I had noted that the water here in Port Wentworth was hard water - even more so than what I was accustomed to in my previous residence in Delaware, which is why I oped to look into your products.

For years I have dealt with dry itchy skin which I often blamed in part on various laundry products but could not eliminate the problem no matter which "sensitive skin" product I tried. Now, after the last 30 days with the Hydro Quad system in place, I see what I have been missing. My dry, itchy skin has cleared up, my hair seems much cleaner, and silky smooth, my laundry smells better and feels softer with no fabric softener, and I am thrilled to no longer be dealing with mineral deposits in the ice maker.

I am extremely pleased with the system and wish I had looked into water softening technology earlier.

I would also like to compliment your staff with whom I have had contact: Meranda who did the initial testing, MJ who did follow-up testing and product presentation, and Lauren who did the 2 week follow-up system check, as well as your contractor who did the installation (whose name I have forgotten). All were very professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant to deal with.


Port Wentworth, GA November 12, 2021

System was installed within days after the order. Cannot express enough how much of a difference treated water brings to your life. It feels amazing to know that I can go to my kitchen sink and be able to have access to purified water in the comfort of my own home.

The presentation was incredible., I initially had zero interest in the system but after the representative gave his pitch I couldn't let him leave without signing me up.

This system has been a game changer for me and hopefully increases the longevity of my pipes and appliances. Cannot express enough how impressed I am with UDI and their team.

Default Avatar55
Mr. Smith
Martinez, GA October 26, 2021

I had to install and use the UDI Water Purifying system to understand how hard and bad my water from direct public supply was. The UDI water is such a world of difference. The treated water is gentle on my clothes, skin and scalp, and the purified water is very pleasing to drink. I have used the UDI system for one month only but I can confidently recommend it at anytime.

UDI also creates a convenient payment plan that makes the system affordable. I believe that they make it that easy because Everyone Needs Clean Water.

Rhino (UDI technician) gave me a clear understanding of the system and helped me to take the right decision to purchase the system. It was amazing to see the marked difference between soft and hard water, through the tests that Rhino performed. Houston (UDI installer) completed the installation professionally without a single leak. Three weeks later, Lauren (UDI PR) come in to run tests and to confirm that the system is working properly. Lauren performed an amazing job in taking me through details of how the system functions and the necessary routine checks that I will need to perform.

I think that installing the UDI Water system is one of the best decisions that I've made in recent times.

Mr. “O”
Port Wentworth, GA October 25, 2021

Most people remember best their first love, first car or the biggest paycheck. Us - me, my husband, my son and our two cats - will eternally remember that glorious day we met the magnificent Mr. Rhino (Wayne, UDI technician). That larger than life man brought peace of mind and a brighter tomorrow to our home. What can be more precious than your health, the well being of your entire household and your furry family members? NOTHING! Good water is the symbol of a clean, healthy and happy life.

Clean pipes for free? Check!
Better tasting food and drinks? YES!
Cleaner clothes and home? Easy!
Acne, Irritable skin, dull hair and itchy eyes? Solved!

Our lives changed completely. You would not even imagine the impact soft water brought to our life. Everything is connected to water! Food is great! We gave up completely buying water from the store. Tea, coffee, soda stream taste GREAT! Economy at its best. Clothes are much softer, better looking and not deteriorating as quickly as they did. Cleaning became a delight - because it is 5 times faster and 10 times easier - savings in time, money and energy. And I definitely want to say something about the skin and hair changes: my son's acne is 80% gone, all of us noticed a change immediately on our skin and hair: skin is soft and hydrated, hair does not need conditioning.

In a few words - we bought happiness for a small bargain.

The customer support and technicians were fantastic - every person we met from UDI is someone who genuinely loves what they are doing and love sharing their great product with everyone. It is a blessing in a metal tube!

With tremendous respect and admiration,
Veronica C. & Family

Veronica C. & Family
Savannah, GA October 7, 2021

The UDI team was absolutely phenomenal. They kept me informed, were very personable and encouraged questions! (Which I had plenty of initially!). My skin feels better, I feel cleaner, and I brag to my family about having such pure water. I would recommend UDI to any homeowner as a must have quality of life improvement. Keep up the great work everyone!

Default Avatar55
Rick D.
Augusta, GA October 18, 2021

After switching to UDI water I've noticed so many differences in my everyday life.

(1) My 8 year old son no longer has to use his advanced skin lotion to treat his eczema. It has completely gone away and he has had it all over his body since he was at least 6 months old.

(2) I was using very expensive shampoo and conditioner to combat my unruly and damaged hair but when I was no longer washing my hair in hard water, the light shampoo I received with UDI was all I needed to have perfect hair.

(3) My husband struggled with sensitive skin and couldn't use most shampoos or body washes, but now his dandruff is gone, his hair doesn't get oily as fast, and his skin looks flawless.

(4) My cats suffered from dehydration before I switched to UDI. They refused to drink city water until they had no choice. Now I see them enjoying their water throughout the day and their coat looks shinier and healthier.

(5) My kids enjoy the drinking water a lot more and even opt for water over anything else.

Thank you UDI!

Alexis D. Family
Hinesville, GA September 18, 2021

I absolutely LOVE the Hydro Quad filtration system!!! My son's skin has actually been clearing up from where he had so much acne. I had a skin tag on my upper eye lid, I could never get rid of and it actually has vanished!! I couldn't believe it!! It's truly AWESOME!!!!

Jennifer R.
Hephzibah, GA August 31, 2021

We've had the Hydro Quad for a few weeks now and this product has exceeded all expectations. It is not only one of the best consumer products on the market but has become an essential in our household that has improved our quality of life. From the ease of cleaning without harsh chemicals to the quality and freshness of our food by cooking with purified water, the product has posed a noticeable difference in daily activities. After moving to GA, our dog has developed allergies and became prone to skin infections and by bathing her in this new water, her skin has been the healthiest it has ever been. Our clothes, after washing (with the slightest amount of detergent), have a light and airy feeling.

Not only is this system life-changing, the staff was nothing but great to work with. The presentation was more than deserving of "A" quality from Rhino (UDI technician) and touched on all points that we benefit from daily. Installation was faster and easier than anticipated with no issues. Plus, there was someone who came to ensure the setup was up to standards and check on the fulfillment of the service.

I have nothing but astounding remarks for this filtration system and this company.

Thank you, UDI

Sierra & Drake T.

Sierra & Drake T.
Hinesville, GA July 18, 2021

I wanted to let you know I love the UDI Water treatment system. I can really tell the difference in my water. After I shower and wash my hair I can feel the difference in my hair and skin. I love it! The drinking water tastes better than bottled water. It is so much smoother. I don't even buy bottled water anymore and if I do I buy one 20 oz and save the bottle to fill up with filtered water. My family comes over and fills their cups up. I do recommend everyone to purchase the UDI Water treatment system.

Thanks Again,

K. Ross

K. Ross
Pembroke, GA July 9, 2021

My husband and I had the honor of working with Rudy, he was beyond professional, helpful, easy to work with. Very thorough and answered all of our questions. We even referred him to my in-laws and they also got a system. We have had it for over a month and I am so thankful for him! He helped us pick out a plan that suited us and I would 110% recommend him and recommend this system. Thank you Rudy for the 10 star service!

Eliana S. & Family
Jacksonville, FL June 21, 2021

Can't say enough good things about this purchase. If you live in Florida, you need this system. Great deal all around, especially with the water filters under the sink (R/O drinking system). Showers feel different as well compared to hard water showers. My skin doesn't dry out as bad anymore since having the system installed. The fact the tank is bladderless is a plus too for life expectancy.

Jonathan F.
Jacksonville, FL May 25, 2021

To All Future Customers,

I would just like to say we, my husband and I, really enjoyed talking with Michael J. (MJ). He was a professional, polite and very knowledgeable about the UDI water softener system. MJ answered all of the questions we had without reservation of wording (no hesitation).

Now to the system. We believe this is an investment for our health and home. I love knowing my drinking water is safer (clean) and that most daily cleaning tasks are easier....and who doesn't want that!

In closing, everyone in this process was polite, professional and quick. We recommend UDI 100%!!!

Mary & Kirk H.

Mary & Kirk H.
Ludowici, GA May 21, 2021

These guys are great! I have had no issues with my system after 5 years and now am moving and bringing it with us...they were easy to get here and remove it and I am looking forward to the reinstall so we never have to use hard water. My yearly check-up calls are always a pleasure! The system isn't cheap but it absolutely works!

A. Sheikh
Jacksonville, FL May 10, 2021

My wife and I have had the water system for over a year, maybe going on two. This system has been great. Our water is soft and whenever we have visitors they notice when they shower how soft the water is. We also like the multi-filter system under our kitchen sink and the separate faucet we have setup for some of the best drinking water. Everyone loves our water.

But one of the best things about our system is Cliff, "my water guy". That's how I have him in my contacts, because anytime I have questions about the system or if I think the system may be off I call Cliff and he stops by and takes a look. He does fantastic customer service and UDI is lucky to have a guy of this quality. So, if you need a water guy, call Cliff, he's the best.

John C
Palm Coast, FL May 4, 2021

Rhino (UDI Rep),

First, I would like to thank you for coming into our home and educating us on the state of our water. Before that day, I never thought about the importance and the benefits of having a water filtration system. It has ben heaven sent. Our 18 month old son has been diagnosed with eczema and since purchasing this system we have noticed fewer eczema flare ups. The water now has our entire family's skin so soft and moisturized. Also, since the installment we have never drank so much water on a daily basis than we do now. Thank you again Rhino for showing us the light. It is amazing and we don't even purchase bottled water anymore. Had I known this was an option, I would have invested in a UDI system years ago.

Thanks again from a Very Satisfied Consumer!

Rashad M.

Rashad M.
Pooler, GA April 30, 2021

As new homeowners in Florida, we were blown away with the presentation from UDI. Every single person that we encountered throughout the entire process were all very professional, knowledgeable and personable.

One thing we loved in particular about UDI was the natural cleaning products that also came with the system! Reducing the amount of chemical cleaners and switching to natural products was a huge bonus that came along with this system.

Since our system has been installed, we have noticed a significant difference in the taste and quality of our drinking water. Soaps and detergents are lasting us longer and we have a noticeable improvement in our skin health.

This water system is the best investment for your home, health and future. We would highly recommend it to everyone!


The C's

Mr. & Mrs. C.
Tampa, FL April 28, 2021

We couldn't be happier with our choice of purchasing a system through UDI. Our water has never felt better, and in just the short amount of time that we have had the system I can already tell a HUGE difference! The cleaning products and soaps we received with our purchase feel amazing, and really save us so much money instead of constantly going to the store to buy them. I would recommend this company to anyone!


Emily & Adam L.

Emily & Adam L.
Land O' Lakes, FL April 26, 2021

UDI = Quality! Our experience with Justin in sales, installation technicians, Elana the PR representative and the customer service phone representatives has been educational, prompt, professional and positive. Communication is clear and friendly. The conditioned and purified water has improved our skin and is delicious to drink! And the natural washing and cleaning products are wonderful! We are beyond satisfied and can't emphasize enough that UDI = Quality!! Cheryl & Tom S.

Cheryl & Tom S.
St. Johns, FL April 28, 2021

Hi Wayne (UDI Rep),

I just wanted to send this letter and thank you for introducing me and my husband to the complete UDI water softener system. Ever since we got a hold of our system, we have seen a great difference in our daily chores. There really are a list of things that you told us about that came through. Here are some of my favorite things that I've gained since using our UDI system:

(1) My skin is extremely soft and has never been better. Prior to having this system, I would always do chores and the hard water left my hands completely dry. Along with the weather, my hands would crack, and I would have cuts all over. Having soft water really changed that for me. No matter how much I do the dishes or wash my hands or clean, my hands stay soft and look beautiful without scars from cuts.

(2) Our laundry smells better!! Like you've shown in your example, there was leftover soap and dirt when we used hard water. The first load of laundry we did, we instantly smelled a difference, and it stays smelling so good! We even love the smell of our UDI laundry soap and we don't need to use a lot of it.

(3) Our water makes every drink taste better. I am a coffee lover and since we switched over, my coffee tastes a lot better due to no after taste in the water. My husband loves to make iced/sweet tea and that even tastes better!

Those are the top things we love from the outcome of switching over. Something super exciting too was that whenever we have guests over, they can instantly tell a difference as well. The water makes your body feel soft and great! I just wanted to say thank you and I really hope more people consider getting the system. It has changed our lives!

With my best regards,

Angelica W.

Angelica W.
Richmond Hill, GA April 21, 2021

To Whom It May Concern,

Having recently moved to Florida from New Jersey we have just been settling into what homeownership life is like as well as being new from a different area. With many new responsibilities and lots to get up and running for our new life we were in a whirlwind. I can honestly say there were many ups and downs to actually "settling in", but the one experience that stands out the most is with your company. Not knowing anything about UDI or the water we were taken aback by a lovely young woman who showed up at our doorstep one rainy afternoon with all of the information, from there it was success after success.

We were amazed at the follow-up and connection to a sales representative who was immediately set up for us. We liked the added bonus of the gift card, however the presentation and what we learned after was worth every second. Justin P. arrived at our home a week later and blew us away! He was extremely knowledgeable in this area of how our water was treating us in Florida and what we could do about it. He was polite, kind, optimistic and an all-around quality guy that we would want to work with. The presentation was outstanding, and we were completely sold. He taught us everything we needed to know to make a valuable decision for our family and new home.

To continue our good luck with your company the install was set-up immediately and done by another wonderful man named Justin (Justin R.). He arrived early, was extremely polite and well mannered walked me through what he was doing with the installation, how he was going to set it up and every step on how to maintain after. He was a complete gentleman and a hard worker.

Since we have arrived in Florida, we unfortunately have been dealing with many poor customer service experiences, but I can say that UDI was definitely not one of them. Your company was probably the best customer service experience I may have ever come across even down to the financial understanding from Mike to the follow-up phone calls. We can't say enough wonderful things.

In conclusion, I am so happy we made this investment. Our daughter has bad skin issues and we have noticed a difference already in everyone's overall health in the house as well as the savings to our budget. Thank you, UDI for the warm and clean welcome to Florida!

Tricia D. & Tami B.
St. Augustine, FL. April 8, 2021


I wanted to write I'm happy with the filter (water purification system). It's relatively simple to maintain and helps with cleaning. Cleaning is easier, quicker and helps maintain the rest of your home as well. Your water will taste better depending on how hard your water was prior to the install. Very satisfied.


The "B" Family

The “B” Family
Statesboro, GA March 24, 2021

I recently bought my first home and didn’t realize the difference this system would make. I absolutely love the system and every person I met from the company was great and helped answer all my questions.

Keanna B.
Jacksonville, FL March 13, 2021

Dear UDI,

I have recently purchased my own home. A representative from UDI came to my door one afternoon, asking for a sample of our water. A few days later I received a call from a sales rep, Mr. "Rhino". We set up a time and we purchased our system. Speaking with Rhino I mentioned my parents having the same system that they purchased 30 plus years ago. Mr. Rhino pulls out his phone and shows me my parents name and phone number. It's got to be a great system lasting that long! Everyone with the company were very professional at their jobs. The installers, PR, follow-up phone calls, sales. We have noticed a BIG difference in everything, clothes are brighter, dishes cleaner, and we can tell a big difference in our skin. It is a lot smoother and you can even tell the difference in your hair. Cooking with the pure water has made a big difference and you can even tell in the sweet tea!

The “W” Family
Savannah, GA February 20, 2021

The representative that visited was professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and communicated clearly the value of what UDI was offering. He had confidence in the product he was selling and thus did not give off that fast-talking, high pressure, "used car salesman" vibe many of us hate dealing with. I don't believe I could've asked for a better installation. I've had both the reverse osmosis (drinking water system) and Hydro Quad (water softener system) installed. The process was minimally invasive, fairly quick for what he had to do, and done VERY cleanly. The components actually look like they were a part of the original house build. Great job!

Default Avatar55
John B.
Augusta, GA. March 10, 2021

I wish I had purchased this system 25 years ago. We have the hardest water at my home. The rotten egg smell was the worst. Since the system has been installed my clothes smell better and are cleaner. My tea and coffee have improved 100%. The ice is clear, no more floating items left in the glass. You can actually tell you cleaned the shower door. Nor more water spots on my dishes. The list goes on and on. Thanks UDI! Kim G.

Kim G.
Augusta, GA March 8, 2021


We have recently purchased a UDI water system. And are we happy with it! We wanted it mostly for the health reasons, but there are so many other positives that we did not think of. To name a few: The junk in the toilet tanks and the shower heads has disappeared, softened water means cleaner more sparkling dishes and windows, car windows are so much better as well, and we use less shampoo and all sorts of other cleaning supplies.

We wish we would have gotten the system sooner. We are so glad with our purchase.

Wayne & Rhonda H.

Wayne & Rhonda H.
Ludowici, GA January 20, 2021

We bought our water system about 30 days ago and we have enjoyed the benefits of it from day 1. The taste of our water is much more fresh and the smell that was so obvious is no longer there anymore. We have a newborn and were buying those gallon jugs of purified water for him, but now with this system I know that everyone in this home can drink safe, purified water right from our spout. We know that by purchasing this system for our home that we invested in our family's health and well being and that makes it priceless for us. Additionally, the team that worked with us from the beginning to the end were very professional, kind and didn't push anything on us. They knew the facts and the tests would speak for themselves. Thank you to the UDI team and we look forward to using our system in the years to come!

Nichole H. & Joel J.
Richmond Hill, GA January 19, 2021

Great customer service! Very professional demonstration by sales team & very professional installation team. All information was given up front to help make a decision on product purchase. Product is great and we are extremely happy!

Default Avatar55
Jorge C.
Orange Park, FL January 7, 2021

Quick, easy and very professional! Super informative and easy to understand!

Default Avatar55
Jorge T.
Grovetown, GA. December 28, 2020

Amazing experience with personable and knowledgable staff! Would recommend to anyone and everyone!

Sara V.
Grovetown, GA. December 20, 2020

Dear UDI,

I recently bought one of your products for my newly built house. I was looking for a water softener for my house. Chuck did a great job at explaining the product and presenting on how bad my water really is. Since purchasing the product I have noticed a huge difference. My drinking water tastes so much better and I can tell a difference. When washing my clothes and when taking a shower, the water feels so much better since getting this product. I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a water softener.


Daniel B.

Default Avatar55
Daniel B.
St. Augustine, FL December 8, 2020

Dear UDI,

We are writing this letter to express our heartiest compliments to you for delivering exceptional customer service to us when you visited our home to share your product. Your presentation is extremely professional. The gentleman listened to us patiently and answered each and every question of ours in a very polite and entertaining way. We had an awesome time listening to his stories and he enjoyed listening to ours.

It has been about 2 weeks since the UDI system has been put in and we see a huge difference in the quality of our water. Both my daughter and I have super thick hair. I never really noticed before how tangled the hard water had on our hair until recently when I washed her hair and it didn't take long to detangle. I see a major difference in the moisture of my skin, especially my feet and hands. My husband keeps telling me how much he loves the taste of the water. Let me tell you, it is so good. Before it was weird tasting and stunk. We are definitely saving money on purchasing bottled water and distilled water. Your cleaning products, as well as the hand soaps, and laundry soaps are excellent and we appreciate them.

I would recommend this system to anyone who is hesitant about purchasing. You will save money and lives with this system. I cannot imagine going back to regular faucet water. It was disgusting.

Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.

Yours truly,

The "W" Family

The “W” Family
Jacksonville, FL November 18, 2020

We are the Lonnee family, a beautiful family of 5 who just recently purchased our first home! We were visited by Trey (UDI), he was so kind and very knowledgeable on all the information the water system could provide for our family. It didn't take me long to agree to getting the system because I am a big water snob I go through water (bottled) like it's no tomorrow! I absolutely love the way the water tastes, but not only that, it has made showering and baths so much better in the house. Two of our children suffer from eczema and since changing water it looks and feels so much better. I have also noticed that our daughter does not scratch at her legs nearly as much as she used to! You receive a ton of products all natural products free from the company, and they are amazing I have really enjoyed trying out everything we have gotten! This water system is saving you so much money in so many ways!! Please, if you ever get a knock at your door asking to test your water just do it!!The product speaks for itself! Thank you UDI.

The Jessica L. Family
Augusta, GA. November 13, 2020

Dear UDI,

I am really enjoying my water system. I received prompt attention for installation and the technician explained everything in detail on how to operate and maintain my system.

I really want to thank Ken C. for his demonstration that convinced me to buy the system. I have always wanted to get a system but never looked into it.

Ethel W.

Ms Ethel W.
Americus, GA September 28, 2020

Dear UDI,

We have had your purification system for a little over a month now. And want to report that for the first time in our lives, we have water that meets our standards flowing from the tap! Pure water has always been important to my husband and me. For years we distilled our own water at home for drinking and cooking, and especially for making our morning coffee. We had never considered a whole house system. We did know that even the shower faucet water is important to filter, so we always had a chlorine filter in all the house showers. But when we bought a house this year, it was time to budget for a whole house water purifier. The community water where we now live is hard water, and we could see the crusty, scaly effects of this on the faucets, in the toilets, and in the stains in the sinks. Now with the UDI system installed, this is not an issue at all. And we know that pure water will extend the life of our new appliances.

I can't tell you what a joy it is to be able to drink water from the taps! Municipal tap water is something I have avoided for decades, especially because of the chlorine and fluorine content, toxins in my book. No more "swimming pool" chlorine smell when we take a hot shower, nor any chlorine in the water to absorb through our skin. And what freedom to not always be lugging home cases of bottled water.

Our new refrigerator came with an ice maker, which we did not intend to use. Now we gladly make ice cubes all the time. I carry a Yeti thermos everywhere with UDI ice and UDI water in it.

The maintenance involved with the UDI system could be the definition of low maintenance. Once a month or so you might need to add salt to the brine tank when you notice the level has dropped some.

We considered this as a worthy investment into our health as well as the health of our home. We are just loving having water that we trust and that we love the taste of; we are totally thrilled with the UDI system.

Thank you for everything,

Peter and Gwenn F.

Peter & Gwenn F.
Statesboro, GA September 6, 2020

I wanted to express the gratitude for the prepared and thorough demonstration my family received from Wayne regarding the Hydro Quad and Ultra 6 UDI water processors. He was very friendly and courteous during our presentation. He made the presentation informative, yet very fun and interactive. I honestly was very skeptical of the systems and not really believing the hype since I never heard of UDI or water processing options. I have an abundance of allergies to metals, preservatives, other unusual allergies and I didn't want to believe Wayne that all the soap products are formaldehyde free and made strictly with essential oils. I can honestly say after a week of using the soaps: laundry, body, hand, and shampoo, I have not had an allergic reaction and my skin has begun to clear up significantly.

I would definitely recommend Wayne to speak and inform family and friends. UDI has become a stable in our family and I am glad we decided on the investment.


The "C" Family

The “C” Family
Savannah, GA September 10, 2020


Well it’s been a month since we have had our water purification system and I have to say it feels amazing!!! My skin feels better, I notice I am using less detergent, all the things that were showed to me in the presentation have been 100% on point and honest. I sat there the day that Brandon offered me our deal and told us everything we were getting I felt that we were actually getting our money back in the long run, how could we go wrong? Our pipes will thank us for it, as well as our washer, and dishwasher. The fact that we won’t have to replace our $45 dollar filter in the fridge anymore is such a life saver. Being a home owner is stressful enough and to be able to sleep at night knowing I am not putting crappy water in my family or home appliances is very reassuring. Our water smelled so bad and left so much corrosion it was insane the previous homeowners just lived like that and let it go. My skin felt so tight after a shower and my hair would stick together so bad I couldn’t brush through it, now when I shower my hair is so much easier to comb out and my skin feels silky smooth. I had my friend rub my arm and she said, “Did you just put lotion on after you got out of the shower?” and I said, “No girl that was just my water in the shower!” She was so amazed!

Everyone was so kind and courteous when putting my water purification in and they explained everything to me. If I have any questions I do not feel like my questions will go unanswered. Our home visit with Elana was awesome and she was able to meet us at a time that worked for us which I am so thankful for because we are go,go,go, busy people!! Thank you for the $25 gift card we really appreciate it and will go to very good use!

Very Respectfully,
Amanda B. & Steven G.

Amanda B. & Steven G.
Jacksonville, FL August 10, 2020

We have been using our home water purification system for about 2 months now and are absolutely in love with our new water. We had an added incentive to purchase this system because one of our cats was experiencing repeated bladder stone flareups, due in part to the water hardness in our area. The added benefit to ourselves is that showers are now luxurious, and we come out having such moisturized skin. This is also thanks to the wonderful soaps we got with the system purchase. We have been looking to use more economical and environmentally friendly products in our house, without unnecessary added chemicals if possible. We feel that we have found that with these products. Plus the soaps are going to last us for a very long time, which is wonderful because we love them. Due to the amount of soap you are given with the purchase of the system, we ended up giving away our extra soaps that were in the house to be able to use the more economical soaps. We really noticed a difference in our laundry after the system was installed. Our towels and blankets became softer immediately after the first wash, and our clothes seem to be drying much better as well.

Each step of the purchase process with UDI was pleasurable, from our initial contact and water testing to the installation of the system and follow-up. Our in house demonstration of the system was very self-explanatory and helpful in the purchase process. Michael was very helpful and answered all of our questions before we purchased the system. He was not pushy in our decision to get the system, which we really appreciated. We even got a thumbs up review about the system from a 3rd party person when we went to get the home improvement loan with our bank. When we called UDI with questions and concerns about the system prior to our installation, we received clear answers and support from the staff in the office. We highly suggest that you consider improving your home and life with a water system from UDI. You will not be unimpressed in the ways that it will benefit your home and family.

Ryan G. & Eric H.

Ryan G. & Eric H.
Savannah, GA August 3, 2020

I am writing this letter as a thank you for your amazing products and outstanding customer service. We are so happy with our purchase!

On Father's Day, my husband informed me that we needed to cancel our dinner plans because of an appointment that he had scheduled for that night. He said someone came by and collected some of our water to test and was coming by later that afternoon to let us know what the results are. I immediately started picking on him. I couldn’t believe he had let someone con him into this on Father’s Day. He quickly stated, “We get a gift card in exchange so it’s not a complete waste of time”.

That afternoon UDI pulled up and the sweetest gentleman walked into our home with a suitcase full of stuff. You can imagine at this point I have my “you can’t fool me” face on and was ready to reject whatever it was that he was going to try to sell us. After a while of his demonstrations and proof, my husband and I were both shocked. Our minds were absolutely blown seeing and feeling the difference in the water. It was no doubt that we had to have it.

After the gentleman had left, I realized I owed my husband a huge apology for all the picking on him I had done and thanked him for being so selfless on his day. The funny thing is, I had been researching water softeners for the past couple weeks trying to find the best one. I complained so much about the water hardness here and how terrible it was on my hair and skin. I’m sure my husband was tired of hearing about it!

I now feel like my clothes are cleaner, my dishes look amazing, my hair is silky, my skin has definitely improved. My fish tank even looks better! The products that came with the water system are great as well! I was missing the pump for the laundry detergent and called to let them know, and unbelievably it was in my mailbox the very next day. I was in total shock. UDI takes pride in making sure their customers are satisfied and that’s the kind of company I want to give my business to!

Thank you UDI! You have two very satisfied customers for life.

Landon and Amy S.

Amy & Landon S.
Jacksonville, FL July 21, 2020

Dear UDI,

Anyone who knows us, knows that we are a VERY frugal couple. We do not drive new cars, we do not buy fancy clothes or eat fancy food. Convincing us to invest in something is not easy. When MJ first showed up, I was planning how I was going to kindly tell this guy, "thanks, but no thanks". However, his water test and demonstration showed the importance and value of good water.

The Dr. Oz video on your website is both disturbing and enlightening. We have a toddler at home, so it gives us peace of mind to know that he will grow up with safe water. Further, we had been getting acne on our backs that we were told was a result of our hard water. We've only had the water system two weeks, but our skin has already cleared up! Our hair and skin also feel softer.

We can already tell the difference when it comes to cleaning! Our clothes are softer and the showers and sinks do not get dirty as fast. We constantly had to scrub hard water discolorations out of the tub and sinks, using harsh chemicals. The plant-based cleaning supplies are an added bonus, as well as the lifetime guarantee! You can't beat that.

Overall, we are ecstatic about our water system and look forward to a lifetime of great water. Thanks MJ and UDI staff!


Mike and Deni A.

Mike & Deni A.
Ellabell, GA July 20, 2020

Dear UDI,

We had a Hydro Quad and RO system put in our house two weeks ago and we can't believe the difference it has made in our water quality! We are on a well, but have always had trouble with dirt and debris in our water. We couldn't drink our water and were constantly buying bottled water for ourselves and for our 16 month old. Having read about the wide variety of toxins that can be found even in bottled water we were constantly concerned about the quality of the bottled water were buying.

After having the systems installed, our water changed so drastically! The water was no longer orange tinted from the Georgia red clay, and the RO filtered water tasted amazing. We no longer have to buy bottled water for ourselves and we now feel 100% confident in the water our son is drinking too. The System brought so many unexpected surprises as well. Our skin is so much softer now that we are no longer showering with hard water, our dishes and appliances are so much cleaner being washed with purified and soft water, it's amazing! We can finally clean our bathroom and it actually looks clean! We were also thrilled with the lifetime warranty. We can enjoy these benefits as long as we want.

The customer service we received from UDI was utterly outstanding. From the initial sales visit to install to the follow-up visit, all the employees were extremely personable, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile to make sure were satisfied with our purchase. We so appreciated the personal service and the importance we felt was placed on us as a customer.

We can't thank you enough for creating a wonderful product that has changed our lives. Thank you for running a company with integrity and employing excellent people. We will be recommending this product to all of our friends.


Rebecca & Jacob D.

Jacob & Rebecca D.
Lincolnton, GA June 5, 2020

I bought my system almost 30 years ago in Apopka, FL. It is a big investment and worth every penny. When moving to my new home in St. Cloud, FL I had the system removed and installed at the new house. Everyone from sales, office staff and technicians all represent your company well! I wish I could show people the inside of the incoming city waterline and the outgoing waterline after the softener to see the difference!! The incoming pipe is dirty inside...the outgoing still white as fresh snow. Makes me feel better about my drinking water. No spots on the shower glass. I highly recommend this company.

Michael G.
St Cloud FL June 1, 2020

From the offer to test my water to the sale and installation, they were kind and professional. Never pushy or vague. I had already done my research before they offered since I am very diligent about my health. Well they offered superior equipment with an unmatched guarantee. This was not the typical softener you find elsewhere. This is commercially made with superior parts and performs with superior quality. After the before and after water tests I was convinced this was the best system I had come across and gladly chose UDI. If you value health there is no better selection.

Robert P.
St Augustine, FL May 15, 2020

From the salesman, to the installer, to the representative that came to check on us a few weeks after the purchase UDI as exemplified nothing less than outstanding professionalism. We went from feeling uncomfortable about purchasing anything at the moment to being excited to pay the very fair price for this easy-to-maintain and life-changing equipment. Every representative we dealt with took the time to assure our comfort and knowledge of the product, leaving us fully capable of understanding the difference in our water, which shows in the difference that we feel in our clothes, showers, drinking water and cleaning even more. I completely recommend this product, as it is not only going to eventually save you money, but also make you feel better along the way and thereafter.

Broc B.
Macon, GA April 4, 2020

I have been very impressed with the service I've received from UDI. All of their representatives have been very professional and I never once felt pressured into buying. They let the system speak for itself with some truly outstanding demonstrations of the improvements that come with having treated water. We've noticed a difference at home (my coffee tastes even better now!) and are very glad we got the system. Thanks UDI!

Michael G.
Macon, GA April 3, 2020

From the initial phone call about a month ago my experience with UDI has been excellent. I chose them because they were listed in the top three local companies for whole house water filtration systems. The same day as my call to inquire about their system an appointment was set-up with Chuck, one of their representatives, to meet with me at my home to test the water and to tell me about the system and answer questions. As it turns out when I answered the door Chuck and I realized each other's faces were familiar because we were acquaintances from the gym we attend. The company's been in business for quite a while (41 years) and I appreciated its successful track record of satisfied customers. So that I could get started right away, the next day, Justin installed the system and shared detail with me about how to properly care for it.

What I love about the UDI system is that I'm saving money on detergent for laundry, dishes and everything else that needs washing including myself. Soap and detergents go so much further and UDI gives you several years worth of eco-friendly cleaners as a gift. In fact, as I think about it, I'm saving money on everything the water touches. Clothes last longer, faucets and pipes last longer, and less maintenance on appliances. In addition, everything you use water for is better - coffee, tea, food, etc.

I love the water and highly recommend the UDI Water System!


Cynthia R.

Cynthia R.
Jacksonville, FL March 16, 2020

After having several water analysis, UDI came in on top. All staff members were professional and Chris H. was very pleasant to work with. There was not pressure to buy and the best part is we have great water for drinking and it makes a huge difference on sensitive skin. The unit was installed quickly and neatly.

Dottie P.
St Johns, FL. February 18, 2020

Customer service has been great. My water makes my hair and skin feel soft but the most exciting feature is that I no longer feel the need to purchase bottled water - the water tastes great!

Catherine S.
Jacksonville, FL. January 30, 2020


I apologize it has taken this long to write. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas has been extremely busy for me. Now that I have a minute I wanted to write and let you know how much my daughter and I are enjoying our new water purification system. We no longer have the odd oder coming from our sinks. I am amazed with how clean and sparkly the dishes are when I take them out of the dishwasher. There are no more spots! My skin does feel softer, my hair is softer and easier to manage! I am loving all of the soap and cleaning products that came with the system. I also want to thank you and the other folks I've met associated with UDI. The representative, your installer and PR person were all a pleasure to work with and made sure I had a full understanding of this system and how it operates.

Thank you again,


Hinesville, GA January 4, 2020


After our install of our water purifying system we have noticed the difference mainly in our shower and our fridge water. We can really taste the difference in the water. As for the shower, I've gone back to bar soap and don't get that feeling like their is a film on my skin. When we go out to eat we can tell that they have just normal water. Overall, we really enjoy our system. I highly recommend the system to anyone.

The "J" Family

The “J” Family
Ludowici, GA September 10, 2019


My family has been using your product for a while now. The first thing we noticed almost immediately was all of our skin clearing up. Most importantly, my daughter's eczema is no longer there. The purity of the water in my home is unmatched. Including the store bought purified water, the taste of your purified water also goes unmatched.

Looking back in time, before we had the systems installed we could not have asked for a better impression of the employees of UDI. Every individual we encountered were passionate and professional beyond any company we have ever encountered. Naturally, this helped us make our decision to use your product an easy one. My family and I cannot say enough how much we appreciate having the piece of mind we now have compared to the contaminated water we once used.

Thanks for everything!
The "H" Family

The “H” Family
Hinesville, GA August 8, 2019