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About UDI: Our Testimonials

UDI Distributors, Inc. has helped thousands of families and businesses over the past 30 years. It's not just about better water, it's about a product and service that saves money, delivers great-tasting water, and can even help the human body's healing process. Read what just a few have said about how improving their water supply — has improved their lives.


>>Purified water saves money

We recently had a water purifier from UDI installed and could not be happier. Now, our water smells, tastes and even feels better. Our cleaning liquids (dishwasher and clothes) are lasting longer. Clothes and dishes are coming out of the washers cleaner and brighter. Our dishes don't have spots when they come out of the dishwasher. As a result, we no longer have to wash our dishes a second time. Although, we are using less detergent our clothes feel softer, look and smell better. Consequently, we are saving money several ways everyday now.

Thanks UDI,
Scott and Bobbi
April, 2008

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>>The proof is in the water test... and the bubbles!

We would like to thank the kind service of those that work for this company. They were very polite and of course convincing — not by their words, but by the proof of the water test. Since we have had this system there are several things we have noticed. One is after taking a shower how much cleaner you feel, two we use less detergent and soap to wash anything the laundry, the dishes and the shower, three with the products being hypo-allergenic it doesn't irritate the skin, and four the drinking water is wonderful. We immediately saw a difference once the water tank took on the new filtered water. As a family, we are all benefiting from this experience with a cleaner body inside and out. We have a daughter who loves to take baths with bubbles and with the soft water it allows her to have lots of bubbles and they don't just fizzle out they stay for a while!

The H. Family
Ellabell, GA
May, 2009

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>>The cleaning power of purified water... cars, dishes, and hair

My family and I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the extremely enlightening “Fresh Squeezed” UDI water demonstration. It showed us that we were spending money on faucet and refrigerator filters that were no better than the straight tap water. We were also spending money on “spring water” cases that we no longer need.
The biggest advantage to me is the cleaning power of the purified water. I can literally rinse the car and there are no water spots! I have a pressure washer that I sometimes use and the “Fresh Squeezed” water is unbelievable in it's ability to clean without soap-and it doesn't leave spots on windows, tables, ...anywhere!
My wife and children love the new shower water – especially my wife and daughter when they wash their hair. They no longer use cream rinse or conditioner because there are no minerals left. My wife used to have to go to the dermatologist on a routine basis because of her legs itching – after they system was installed she has not had any more problems.

Thank you again,
Tom B.
Jacksonville, FL
April, 2007

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>>Great service, quick installation & incredible results

The sales representative was very knowledgeable and helpful with any and all questions during the presentation. I did not feel pressured nor did I feel obligated to purchase at any time. The demonstration proved to be a very encouraging tool for deciding to purchase the water system.
We were also very pleased with the quick installation process. All materials were installed properly and explained on how to use and maintain the equipment by the experienced technician. This allowed my family to enjoy the water system the next day. Since the installation, there is no longer a need to buy bottled water because of the reverse osmosis water purification distribution faucet placed on the kitchen sink. We are now able to get purified water at our disposal. With the water system, we do not have to use as many different cleaning products to get the job done as before. We especially like the different cleaning products such as detergent, soap, shampoo, etc. that were provided with the system.
The final processing of the paper work was very convenient for me due to the last minute change in my work schedule. The representative was helpful in working with my schedule in order to finalize the sale of the system.
But the best part of the system is the feeling we get from taking a shower after a long day's work. Thank you for the services provided.

Antonio M.
Brunswick, GA
May 6, 2007

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>>Water skepticism pays off... no more in-sink temporary filter

I used to think that living with hard water was a way of life. I had a small filter on my kitchen sink to help the taste of my water. It wasn't until I tried the water softener that I realized that good water didn't have to be a privilege but was a necessity. My family not only loves drinking the water for its good taste but I feel better about the quality of water they're drinking. I have been amazed at the difference the soft water makes when washing clothes and the lack of soap scum left in the shower. I used to have itchy, dry skin. I didn't realize how much of a difference the water had made until we went out of town for the holidays and my arms started to itch again.
As someone who was scared to invest the money and try the system I would honestly do it again.

Kenneth & Lisa M.
December 26, 2007

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>>Purified water has healing power

The luckiest day of my life was when Michael P. DeRoma, an Advertising Representative for United Distributors, Inc. visited my home and gave me a demonstration on the advantages of having a top notch water system installed. After reading the following story, you will understand why I say this.
On August 22, 1992, I was involved in an accident at home which burnt 37% of my body. I suffered second and third degree burns and was hospitalized in an intensive care unit for a week. I finally talked my doctor into letting me go home after this time period and was given instructions on how to care for my wounds. I was also informed that I would be out of work for at least a two month period. After returning home I cared for my wounds with purified water from the Ultra-Mic system that I recently had installed. After one week of home treatment, I returned to my doctor and he was amazed with the healing process. I continued this type of treatment, and after a four week period was released to go back to work. My doctor said that using purified water led to a speedy recovery. In todays economy, I could not afford to miss two months work and I owe it all to United Distributors and the great water system they installed. Not to mention the savings I experienced by receiving a five year supply of home products from American Soap Products Co.

Thank you so very much,
Jerry P.
Winter 1992

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