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UDI Water Inc.

About UDI: Our History

UDI Distributors, Inc. opened its doors for business in March of 1979 in Jacksonville, Florida and has been proudly providing top quality water purification and treatment services ever since. With the direction of Mark Blackwell and Craig Boesdorfer, UDI Distributors, Inc. has grown to be one of the largest distributors of water treatment and purification equipment in the United States.

The company was started with, and continues to operate under a simple philosophy. Give the customer more than they expect.

Craig Boesdorfer and Mark Blackwell

When Craig Boesdorfer and Mark Blackwell went on a Florida vacation right after college in the late 1970’s, they soon realized that a lot of other people were arriving in Florida - and staying. They also quickly saw that as the state became more urbanized, those new residents would be paying more attention to water quality issues.

The two young men answered a blind newspaper ad asking for people to sell water conditioning systems door-to-door, and soon saw their own future.

“We were impressed by the effectiveness of the test we did for people showing how bad the water was, and with all the growth happening down here, we saw there was a tremendous potential for a career,” says Boesdorfer, now secretary-treasurer and 50/50 partner with Blackwell (who is president) in United Distributors, Inc. (UDI), the Jacksonville, FL, dealership that figures prominently among this year’s Water Technology Industry Leaders Review.

With no prior experience in water treatment, their decision to begin selling for a Jacksonville distributor for Phoenix, AZ-based Water Resources was born out of necessity.

The two had grown up together in Williamsville, IL, a small farming community outside of Springfield, and were determined not to return there. As their post-college Florida vacation lengthened, their money ran out, and they jumped at the distributor’s sales job offer.

“When we called back to Illinois to tell our friends and family what we were doing, they told us we were insane,” Boesdorfer recalls.

They sold for the distributor on straight commission and in 1981 bought out the original owner’s share of the business.

Continued Growth

Since then they’ve grown UDI, still affiliated with Water Resources, into a substantial operation with a customer base that is about 98 percent residential.

Softening systems, often sold in combination with reverse osmosis point-of-use units, are a big component of UDI’s business. Municipal and private-well water in UDI’s business area, much of it from the Florida Aquifer, is hard - 10 to 30 grains - and also contains sulfur, iron and iron bacteria, according to Boesdorfer.

He believes that with the population growth in Florida and the attendant pollution of some water sources, “All the water treatment dealers here can’t keep up with the demand.”

UDI has also begun to sell bottled water to an interesting niche - several area funeral homes, cemeteries and churches, who provide half-liter bottles to their patrons with those organizations’ private labels.

Blackwell, who heads UDI’s sales and business development, “is one of the best sales trainers and motivators in the business,” says Boesdorfer, who concentrates on the financing, technical and installation sides of the operation.


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