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With a range of top quality products to choose from, it's no wonder UDI Water is one of the largest distribuotrs of water treatment and purification equipment in the United States. >>read about our products

United Distributors, Inc. and our service company, United Hydro Sales & Services, Inc. are committed to providing you with the best service possible.

If you have a question about water treatment, purification or just about anything to do with water — you've come to the right place. >>read about our services

At UDI Water , we offer more than just great products and service — we offer you the confidence and security of the best quality water possible. Don't just take our word for it. Read some of our customer comments... >>read testimonials

UDI Water Inc.

About UDI: Awards & Recognition

UDI Distributors, Inc. was started with, and continues to operate under a simple philosophy. Give the customer more than they expect. The philosophy has worked very well as we have grown from one office in 1979 to currently having 10+ offices throughout Florida and Georgia. We have installed over 55,000 water treatment systems during the past 30 years and have become a household name in thousands of homes throughout the southeast.

#1 Dealer in the United States

UDI Distributors, Inc. was named the #1 Dealer in the United States in June of 2006 in Water Technology Magazine. That's no small accomplishment. With water treatment and purification companies competing nationwide, this award proves that great customer service, hard work, and dedication pays. Congratulations to the entire UDI Distributors, Inc. staff!

Company-Wide Growth

UDI Distributors' strong sales component, reinforced by supplier Water Resources, makes extra efforts to recognize sales leaders among its distributors.

Top annual reported revenues (annual revenues, all locations)
1. $7 million, UDI, Jacksonville, FL
2. $2.5 million, Hague Quality Water of Maryland, Annapolis, MD
3. $2.5 million, Rainsoft of Des Moines, Des Moines, IA
4. $2 million, Aqua Solutions LLC, Jackson, NJ

Top reported softener sales (no. of softeners sold at top-performing location, 2005)
1. 1,500, UDI, Jacksonville, FL
2. 1,200, Us Water Systems Inc., Indianapoliis, IN
3. 426, Rainsoft of Des Moines, Des Moines, IA

Top reported RO sales (no. of RO units sold at top-performing location, 2005)
1. 1,300, UDI, Jacksonville, FL
2. 800, Us Water Systems Inc., Indianapolis, IN
3. 315, Rainsoft of Des Moines, Des Moines, IA 4. 300, Advanced Water Solutions Inc., Ventura, CA

Top reported staffs (no. of full-time employee equivalents, all locations)
1. 75, TK Water Consulting Inc., Saskatoon, SK
2. 60, UDI, Jacksonville, FL
3. 25, Hague Quality Water of Maryland, Annapolis, MD

Top reported truck fleets (no. of trucks in 2005)
1. 12, Hague Quality Water of Maryland, Annapolis, MD
2. 11, UDI, Jacksonville, FL
3. 9, Us Water Systems Inc. Indianapolis, IN

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